► Introduction to Superheroesque, the video!

Welcome to Superheroesque, this video is a short introduction to what Superheroesque is about straight from the face of one of the cofounders. Normally on videos I would put a companion blog post, but this is quite a simple video! Enjoy!

About Liz Locksley

Liz Locksley
Liz is one half of SHe’s founding team, in charge of business, audio/video, and managing webpages. Liz has a degree in sociology and a brain full of cartoons. She can be found regularly fangirling over TV shows, podcasts and comedians.

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  • ageekandheroven

    I wanna be apart of this..I also wanna contribute..I just gotta figure out what I CAN contribute!

  • http://abitofgeek.net/ abitofgeek

    Awesome! I can't wait to see what comes out of this 😀

  • Mia Moore

    What Liz said! We'd love to help you brainstorm <3

  • http://www.joiefatale.com/ Joie_Fatale

    YES! Fellow Sociology major!!

    I really love this! Great job Liz and Mia!!!

  • http://www.fluffybones.com/ Liz Locksley

    We are a rare breed!

    Thank you! :) Your support has been fantastic!

  • ageekandheroven

    I will try to think up something to contribute!