► Treat yo Temple!

Happy Monday guys! It’s Liz here with your bi-weekly YouTube video! This week’s subject? Treat your temple. It’s a common thing to hear in anything regarding self-love or spirituality. I have always found it equally annoying and important. I have some different tips for taking care of your temple outside of eating veggies. I hope you enjoy!

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Liz Locksley
Liz is one half of SHe’s founding team, in charge of business, audio/video, and managing webpages. Liz has a degree in sociology and a brain full of cartoons. She can be found regularly fangirling over TV shows, podcasts and comedians.

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  • http://www.fluffybones.com/ Liz Locksley

    What is your favorite way to tr

  • Mia Moore

    Anything that relaxes me is my favorite, since I'm prone to anxiety. So making a pot of tea, listening to something soothing, or smoking hookah all work pretty well.

    I also love to block time to relax – like, genuinely relax, not just refresh Facebook and Twitter. So watching a show I love, working on cosplay, shopping… anything I love to do! Making time for myself is really important for my mental health.

  • http://petticoatpedaler.blogspot.com/ Lilian Brennan

    Riding my bicycle is most definitely up at the top of my list. If I am stressed I can just get dressed and go out on the bike and explore. I just disappear off the face of the Earth and let my mind wander, feel the wind, and have fun. Or sometimes I will ride over to one of my favorite hang outs or do some awesome browsing at shops. I call it window shopping, but I don't just look in the windows. I tried not window shopping for a long time because other people think it is depressing. I eventually got over that, because I find it therapeutic and exciting as it is another way to explore the world around me.

  • http://www.fluffybones.com/ Liz Locksley

    Oooh, I would have never even thought of biking. That's great!!

    I love window shopping too! I always have, it's just nice to look at things sometimes! These are great!

  • Nessbow

    This is an awesome video. I do lots of things to treat my temple. My favourites are writing in my journal and my daily yoga practice. I have loads of favourite yoga tutorials on Youtube, and I love clicking through and trying different ones depending on my mood. If I'm feeling really energetic, I'll try some really dynamic Vinyasa with some ambitious poses. If I'm stressed or exhausted, a little restorative yoga and gentle stretching works wonders.