Meet Your Heroes: Darling Stewie

Welcome to Meet Your Heroes, a segment dedicated to the wonderful members of the geek community. Today we’re talking to Stewie from and the IGGPPC.


>Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

My name is Stewie! I’m a pixie who has flitted all around the world, living in places like Japan and Ethiopia, but have now settled into northeastern Pennsylvania with my video gamer husband and our 4 spoiled furbabies.

I work by daylight as a graphic designer and by moonlight as a spreader of rainbows and whimsy on the Internet. I co-founded the friendship machine known as the IGGPPC, a website and a community dedicated to having fun and forming friendships online and offline. I blog at about positivity, girl power, being a geek, and my life. I design kawaii and geeky stationery for Word To Your Unicorn. I help run – which is mostly a Facebook community. My plan is to get more inYouTubing, so I’ll link that here!

I can always be found on Twitter – being far too silly for an adult.

What about being a geek and the geek community is most important to you?

About 15 years ago, the most important part about it was finally having a group of people who not only were into the same things I was into (anime, science-fiction, comic books, fantasy, Larping) but also having a positive and happy place where you could have superpassions and not get made fun of or bullied. Today, having that awesome place online and offline to have my identity and be appreciated and valued is important as well, but keeping this community bully-free, and a positive and happy place for all geeks everywhere is important as well. That’s why with the IGGPPC, we seek to try to connect people with friends all over, hoping to foster real friendships, and make sure everyone has at least 1 trustworthy person they can talk to. Friendship is magic.

How did you find yourself part of the geek community? What is your origin story?

Instead of asking for a Barbie House for Christmas like most of my girlfriends were, I was asking for a Nintendo Entertainment System. Fast forward 7 years and I found myself around a table in a darkened comic book / miniatures store, playing Dungeons and Dragons and various other tabletop games with my friends. Fast forward 2 years and I ventured into the world of Larping, where I met my now husband. And even up until today, we continue to dress up as elves and run around in the woods, hitting skeletons with foam swords. I was certainly in a localized real-life geek community at these points, with lots of geeky friends in my hometown, but I think I truly entered the online and worldwide geek community once I started my blog. I wanted to meet as many people who loved Larping and cosplaying… basically dressing up and playing pretend as adults. From then on, I was so lucky to meet so many nice and loving people, just like Mia and Liz, who are spreading love and acceptance to geeks worldwide.


You do so much cool stuff around the internet! One of your most successful projects has been the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club. How did that get started?

That started when me and my geeky sister from another mister, Farquharson, (who is from the UK) plotted to send each other packages from each others home countries. From then, we wished there was an online resource where geek girls could connect with others from other countries… and POOF. The wheels in our heads began to turn and we decided to try an experiment in matching geek girls round the world based on their geek loves.

What’s been your favorite moment from running the IGGPPC?

Continuing to see girls not only tweet incredibly positive things about how much the club means to them, but continuing to see iggles travel cross country and across the oceans to meet each other. They plan vacations and holidays to meet! How wonderful!!!

You have described yourself as an “internet pixie.” What does that mean to you? 

Internet pixies spread happiness, whimsy, and silliness across the Interwebs. I had to write a whole stinking blog post about it because I was so inspired.


We’re all about being your own hero here. What is something about yourself that makes you feel powerful, confident, or courageous?

I would never be afraid to lend a friendly hand or a hug to someone who is on their own or needs help, even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone and putting myself in front of a crowd. As an example, at a local theme park, a 12-year old girl puked all over herself on a ride, and got off the ride, standing alone and upset. Crowds of people just stood around gawking at her, or looking away, acting embarrassed, or tried not to get involved. I quickly ran to get her paper towels and helped her to clean herself up. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I think we all need to step up to try to clean the vomit off anyone who needs it. Seriously. Today.

What’s your secret weapon against a terrible, no good, very bad day?

Prayer, and adorable animal videos. Lots of adorable animal videos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! Any projects you want to plug?
I’ll be at the Geekie Awards again this year as a judge, so if anyone else will be there say hi!

How can we find you around the web?

I spend a lot of time on the IGGPPC website, on the forums! I have a Facebook page, and I can always be found on Twitter,Instagram, Tumblr, and of course, at my blog, Pretty much Twitter is always the best way tho 😉

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About Mia Moore

Mia Moore
Mia is one half of SHe’s founding team, in charge of social media, blogging management, and guest content wrangling. MBA student concentrating in Digital Marketing by day, geek of all trades by night. Loves dressing up, advocating for self-love, and crying about magical girls.

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