Meet Your Heroes: Liz Locksley

Welcome to Meet Your Heroes, a segment dedicated to the wonderful members of the geek community. To kick off this segment, we’ll be interviewing Mia Moore and Liz Locksley, the co-founders of Superheroesque.

Liz Locksley

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Hi, I’m Liz Locksley and I am from Dallas, Texas. I work for the man for money, but I create stuff on the internet for love. I primarily focus on video and audio content. I run my YouTube channel, which is quickly becoming a home for The Sims-related videos. I also have a podcast with Mia called Fake Goth Girls which is about geek news and lady issues, although we mostly just talk about Animal Crossing and magical girls. I’m all about aggressive self-love, being cute and cartoons.

How did you find yourself part of the geek community? What is your origin story?

It was a total accident. I went to my first anime convention when I was 14 because Miyavi, a Japanese rock star, was supposed to perform. He ended up canceling, but that anime convention still turned out to be my home. I’ve returned every year since; each year making more friends, more traditions and more memories. I didn’t realize I was a geek until the Star Trek movie came out. For some reason, until I started liking Sci-Fi, I thought all my interests and hobbies were totally normal and just a little quirky. When I saw the Star Trek movie, I walked out of the theatre like, “Oh, I’m one of those people, I go to anime conventions.”

What about being a geek and the geek community is most important to you?

When the geek community is at its best, it is truly about celebrating passion and creativity. I love geeks and being a geek because we aren’t ashamed to love things and to love them openly. I truly wouldn’t be who I am today without this identity and culture. It’s the easiest way to deal with being a depressive weirdo.

We’re all about being your own hero. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My self-esteem. It’s taken years and lots of work, but now I’m overall pretty in love with myself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have bad days, bad thoughts, or that I don’t see a need for self-improvement. I have just put a lot of work into learning to love myself and I think the work is starting to pay off. (Although, perhaps too well, occasionally I find myself to stubborn to change.)

Liz Locksley

What’s your secret weapon against a terrible, no good, very bad day?

Nostalgic video games and naps. I like to give myself a break. I work myself way too hard, so when I’m having a rough day, I just give myself time off to relax. I often feel guilty for sleeping or playing video games. I find a need to constantly be seeking production, so that is often the cause of my bad days. I just realize that some days are for letting yourself free and getting to sleep.

What made you want to start Superheroesque?

I always knew I wanted to have a project like this, but I also knew I could never do it alone. When Mia and I started becoming closer as friends, I realized that she may actually be the perfect partner. We both have strength where the other has weakness and we both have the same passions. We really wanted to create a space for weirdos to learn how to love themselves, to deal with struggles and to have the resources for mental illness. I, also, really wanted to be part of a community that fosters a healthy and happy relationship with oneself and acceptance among each other as comrades. So, Mia and I decided to create the community and here you are! We’ve had our struggles as a website and community, but that is only part of growth. I like to pretend we’re being super meta about our mission statement.

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