August Prompt: Back to School

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Have you wanted to submit an article or video, but had no idea what you wanted to write about? Starting this month, we will start providing monthly prompts.
Every month, we will provide a theme and you can interpret it however you would like! Submit your related posts here, and the best might be featured on Superheroesque in their own post.

August’s prompt is Back to School! This is a really open topic, so you can be really creative! Here are a few questions to get you started…

  • Did you drop out of school? Are you still in school?
  • What is the importance of education?
  • How has your education helped you in “the real world”?
  • How do you manage your workload as a student?
  • What are your tips for managing anxiety or depression in school?
  • And so on!

Submit your blog posts and videos below, and don’t forget to share on Twitter with the hashtag #Superheroesque so we can retweet them! (If it’s a video, be sure to put (VIDEO) in the title in the form below.)

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