Monthly Archives: September 2015

Back to School with Twittysuch


This post originally appeared on Twittysuch. You can follow Twittysuch on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For those of you that don’t know, I’m part of a collective of rad lady geeks known as Superheroesque. I’m new to the group and suggested that a good way to get the site up and running with engaging and regular content was to start a ...

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I Don’t Know How to College and That’s OK


This post originally appeared on Like Gwen Stacy. You can follow Gwen on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. I remember my first day of college vividly. That’s because I started the day after I graduated high school. Literally. Back then, in order to stay on my moms insurance, I had to be in school. That meant not having a summer and ...

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September Prompt: Fellowship


Have you wanted to submit an article or video, but had no idea what you wanted to write about? Every month, we provide a theme and you can interpret it however you would like! Submit your related posts here, and the best might be featured on Superheroesque in their own post. This month’s prompt, in honor of Hobbit Day on September ...

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