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For those of you that don’t know, I’m part of a collective of rad lady geeks known as Superheroesque. I’m new to the group and suggested that a good way to get the site up and running with engaging and regular content was to start a monthly prompt where anyone could submit something like a youtube vlog or standalone blog post branching off that topic. I’m really excited we’ve decided to start doing that in the month of August and while it’s the last day of August, I’m gonna post anyway.

So August’s theme is “Back To School” which is pretty topical for me because school starts tomorrow!

And when I say school, I don’t mean I’m packing up my own backpack and heading back to college*. Tomorrow morning, at roughly 9am, the door to my shared classroom will close and I will be partially responsible for the education for 22 kindergarteners.


Wait, what?


I know. Stay with me here. For reasons that don’t belong in this particular blog post, I’m not at Nintendo anymore. And that’s fine. I’m moving on to bigger and better things and sometimes your dream job is your dream job for the wrong reasons. It’s okay for that to happen. By that happening, I reconnected with my passion for teaching, which is what I was going to college for at the start of that particular journey.

When the Nintendo job fell through, I was scrambling for something else until a lightbulb (thanks mom) popped up in my head: Why not find a school or a day care to work at in the mean time to figure out what I’m supposed to do? So I had a few interviews and lo and behold, a very lovely Montessori school decided to take me on as an Assistant Teacher! I have a lead teacher and a language specialist that I share the room with and I look forward to their guidance on this journey. I’ve spent all of last week setting up our classroom, going over their curriculum (some of which goes all the way to third grade!), and on Friday we met a small handful of our students and their parents.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I’m so excited and nervous. I remember this feeling from when I was small and barely getting any sleep, clutching my perfectly packed book bag in my bed as I waited for my mom to wake me up in the morning.

Despite all of the financial stress I’ve been going through these past few weeks (it’s been a LOT of tears and sleepless nights), I’m still in a place where I’m happy.

Bring on those five year olds!


*Speaking of college: Yes, I intend to go back and finish up my degree. I know it’s going to be extra stressful because I’m finally at the point where I’m going to have to take out loans, but I have so much drive to get it done.

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