► Confidence in Cosplay | Anime Fest Panel


It’s Superheroesque’s first panel! This panel was at Anime Fest in Dallas, TX called “Confidence in Cosplay.” Enjoy! Panelists Liz | Mia | xo Mia Camille | Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay (Facebook) Starman | My Geeky Geeky Ways

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► What Gives You Social Anxiety?

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Today, I’m asking for a favor. I’m making a video series on how to deal with (social) anxiety, and I need your help. What makes you most anxious? What would you like help to improve with your social or personal life? Specific examples or general ideas are welcome! You can tweet me @LizLocksley, email me superheroesque[at] or leave a comment!

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► Tracking your Accomplishments

track your accomplishments

Today’s video is about learning how to track your accomplishments (and tricking your brain into thinking you’re productive.)

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► A Love Letter to Cosplay & Ideas for Beginner Costumes

a love letter to cosplay

Hey guys! Today I’m talking about how to use cosplay for self esteem; as well as, the negatives and positives in the cosplay community! Just a warning, the video has some saucy language. As mentioned in the video, here is Gwen’s post on her experiences of self-esteem in the cosplay community, Cosplay & Self Esteem (A Response To Superheroesque)!   ...

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► Schedule Your Self-Love!


It’s Liz here with your bi-weekly YouTube video! This week’s subject? Schedule your self-love! In today’s video, we discuss the importance of self love and why it should be prioritized! As promised in the video, here are some tips to scheduling some self love! Do you notice a natural lag in your week? Is there a certain day of the ...

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► Treat yo Temple!

Treat Yo Temple

Happy Monday guys! It’s Liz here with your bi-weekly YouTube video! This week’s subject? Treat your temple. It’s a common thing to hear in anything regarding self-love or spirituality. I have always found it equally annoying and important. I have some different tips for taking care of your temple outside of eating veggies. I hope you enjoy!

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► Introduction to Superheroesque, the video!

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Welcome to Superheroesque, this video is a short introduction to what Superheroesque is about straight from the face of one of the cofounders. Normally on videos I would put a companion blog post, but this is quite a simple video! Enjoy!

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