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2013 National English Contest for College Student

Level D-Preliminary

(总分:150 答题时间:120)

PartListening Comprehension30 marks

Section A5 marks

In this section, you will hear five short conversations. Each conversation will be read only onceAfter each conversation there will be a twenty-second pauseDuring the pauseread the five questioneach with the there three choices marks A,B and C, and decide which is the best choiceThen mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre

1.    Will Amy stay in Boston all week?

A.    She must check her schedule first.

B.    She must ask the Green first.

C.    She must ask her parents first

2.    Where does Jenny live?

A. In Dover           B. In Birmingham            C. In Brighton

3.  What does Linda want to drink?


4.  How much did the stamp of Elvis Presley cost?

A. 29 cents           B. 32 cents                 C. 35 cents

5.  How dose Natalie go to her university?

A. By taxi.           B. By car                   C.  By school bus

Section B10 marks

In this section, you will hear two long conversations. Each conversation will be read only onceAfter each conversation there will be a one-minute  pauseDuring the pauseread the five questioneach with the there three choices marks A,B and C, and decide which is the best choiceThen mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre

Conversation 1

6. What is New York famous for?

A. Squares              B. Temple                  C.Skyscrapers

7. According to the man, where is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

   A. In New York          B. In Chicago              C. In Los Angles.

8. Has Joey ever been inside a skyscraper?

A. Yes, just one time   B. Yes, many times         C. No, never

9. What are they going to do tomorrow?

A. Go sightseeing       B. Go swimming             C. Go hiking

10. What’s the population of New York city?

A. 7 million            B. 8 million               C. 9 million

 Conversation 2

11. What is the relationship between the man and the woman?

A. Doctor and patient   B. Librarian and student   C. Policeman and passer-by

12. The woman wanted to find books about_______.

A. famous Americans   B. wealthy Chinese        C. royal Englishmen

13. Benjamin Franklin was a _______.

A. diplomat           B. singer                 C. dancer

14. Where is everything that is in the library listed?

A. In solar system   

B. In the computer system

C. In the public address system

15. According to the man, the computer will tell you about the book EXCEPT_____.

A. a short description of the book

B. the position of the book

C. the whole book

Section C5 marks

In this section, you will hear a monologue. The monologue will be read twice. after each conversation there will be a pauseDuring the pauseread the five questioneach with the three choice marks A,B and C, and decide which is the best choiceThen mark the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the centre

16. What does Peter Watson do in the museum?

A. Human Resource Manager 

B. Public Programs Manager

 C. Public Relations Manager

17. How many exhibits does the museum have?

A. About 40.         B. Less than 50.           C. Over 100.

18. What’s the name of the special area of children under the age of 7?

A. Power your future B. Mathematics             C. Kidspace

19. The “Mathematics” exhibit area of the museum was first made for____.

A. the World’s Fair in New York

B. the Olympic Games in Los Angles in 1984

C. the World Economical and Environmental Conference in 2008

20. According to Peter which of the following statements is NOT TURE?

A.          Visitors to the museum can learn more about science

B.          Every exhibit is merely designed for the visitors to look at

C.  The exhibit show the principles of science in daily lives

Section D

In this section, you will hear a short passage. The passage will be read twice. There are ten missing words or phraseFill in the blanks with the exact world or phrases you hear. Remember to write the answer on the answer sheet.

Remarkable People

What makes a person remarkable? The world “remarkable” means “(21_________ or “worthy of notice”。A remarkable person, then, is someone who is unusual, who is worthy of our noticing. Of course, being “unusual”or“worthy of noticedose (22)_________ mean being famous or (23)________.Many famous people are not remarkable, and many people who are truly remarkable are not famous.

  These people are remarkable because all of them (24) _______ and then worked hard to achieve them. Perhaps that is the (25) _______ of remarkable (26) ________: people with the courage, strength and perseverance to work –and keep on working-toward something that they (27) ______.As booker T.Washington once said,”Success is be measured not so much by the (28) ________that one has reached once in life as by the (29) ______which he has overcome while trying to succeed”

  We can learn a great deal form people we consider to be remarkable. We can (30) ______by their work and their way of being because they enable us to see what is possible in one’s life.

Part Vocabulary and Structure(15 marks)

There are 15 incomplete sentences in this part, with four choices marks A,B C and D. Choice the one that best complete the corresponding letter on the answer sheet with a single line through the center.

31. Whether we’ll hold the sports meeting depends on the weather, _______?

A. won’t we       B. shan’t we       C. doesn’t it    D. won’t it 

32. In order to prevent the fire spreading, some of the house nearby ______ pulled down before the firemen arrived.

A. have been       B. have             C. had been       D. had 

33. Neither of the young men who had tired to get the job in the company______.

A. was accepted                       B. were accepting  

C. has been accepted                  D. have been accepted

34. Be careful when cross the busy street. If not, you may_______ run over by a car.

A. have            B. get              C. become          D. turn

35. Now, children, it’s time you _____.

A. are washing and dressing           B. are washed and dressed

 C. will wash and dress                D. were washed and dressed

36. Zhong Nanshan is a famous expert who has ____to______the origin of SARS.

A. devoted; studying                 B. been devoted; studying

C. devoted; study                    D. been devoted; study

37. Our country has a______ history of 4000 years.

A. recorded        B. recording      C. record            D. records

38______ quickly and soon his resignation become the talk of the town.

A. Worlds spread                 B. The world was spread

C. World spread                  D. A world spread

39. He has been caught _______ the rain and is wet ________ the skin.

A. by; to    B. in; to         C. in; through   D. with; in

40. My mother bought me a new pair of boots on my birthday ______ she had promised.

A. how       B. what           C. why           D. as

41. The goalkeeper is the weak point of the team. Which idiom can be used to describe the goalkeeper?

A. The goalkeeper is the touch of Midas in the team.

B. The goalkeeper is the apple of eye in the team.

C. The goalkeeper is the Trojan horse in the team.

D. The goalkeeper is the heel of Achilles in the team.


42. ---The aim of journey was to the content of Antarctica form east to west, a distance of 1,800 miles. And someone in your family, Martin, was on that journey. Who was it?

---Is was my grandfather.


---They left on Aught 8th 1914which was the same week the First World War broke out.

A. Where did they set up camp after the boat sank?

B. when did they leave for the journey?

C. Why did they go to Antarctica?

D. Who were surprised when they arrived?

43. ---So you don’t like poetry?

---Well, I like listening to the song, and the songs have poetry in them.


---Well, I can remember this: I wandered lonely as a cloud.

A. Can you tell me your name?

B. Do you know who wrote it?

C. Can you remember any lines of poetry in English?

D. Do you read poetry in your spare time?

44. ---Do you eat breakfast, Tom?


---What about lunch?

---Oh, I get really hungry by around half past twelve. I have to go and get something to eat. I like a hot ---maybe pasta, meat or fish and vegetables.

A.    If I have time I do, but often I don’t bother.

B.    That advertisement is a really difficult task to be chocolate.

C.    I feel tired in the afternoon!

D.    I suppose my favorite food would have to be chocolate.

45. ---Come in. Oh, hello, Liang Yu._____

---Yes. Professor. I hope it’s convenient. I just wondered what you thought of my first try. I except it will need some more work before it’s ready.

---Yes. I’m afraid it well. There are certain rules that you should follow when writing a resume. Let’s have a look at your and see where you need to improve.

A.    Do you drop in to talk about tour resume?

B.    Don’t you think so?

C.    What’s to be done with those?

D.    What about interpersonal skills?

Part Cloze(10 marks)

Read the passage and fill in each blank with one word. Choose the word in one of the following three ways: according to the context, by using the correct form of the given word or by using the given letter(s) of the word. Remember to write the answer on the answer sheet



Exactly what is a family? Until about 50 years ago, the traditional American family consisted (46)_________ a working husband, a wife at home, and or more children. Responsibilities were clearly (47) _______(divide) in an American nuclear family .While the husband was earning a living, the wife was caring for home and (48)_______ (raise) the children. Of course, there was the general rule until the 1960s. Since the 1960s, (50) how _____, the family has become more diverse, fragile, and changeable. Americans have accepted diverse concepts of families, (51) _______ (include) single-parent, blended, two-paycheck, interracial, and commuter families. Some critics believe that the American family has suffered (52) _____ (great) because of all the changes in society. According to these critics, the family had been stronger before it began to struggle with issues such (53) _______ divorce,




working mothers, gay couples, and unmarried relationship. Today’s strongest critics feel that the traditional nuclear family will become rare in the 21st (54) _____.

   Nationwide, however, most Americans believe that the family is going to survive. In fact, almost all major surveys in recent years have found that the Americans family is as strong as it has ever been. For most Americans, the family continues to provide their deepest source of satisfaction and meaning in life. Thus, although today’s family is different from (55) ______ it used to be, it seems to be thriving.


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