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Back to School with Twittysuch


This post originally appeared on Twittysuch. You can follow Twittysuch on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For those of you that don’t know, I’m part of a collective of rad lady geeks known as Superheroesque. I’m new to the group and suggested that a good way to get the site up and running with engaging and regular content was to start a ...

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A Girl Walks into a Comic Book Store…


When I was fourteen years old, I discovered a tier of geek-dom to which I did not yet belong. Given that I was the girl who re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy with her family every Christmas, this came as something of a nasty shock. (photo) The impromptu trip to DNA Comics was the suggestion of a boy on our first and ...

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Spoiler Alert: How to Talk about Geekery Online


I’m a pretty busy person.  Between school and work, I have very little free time to spend playing games, watching television, or going to the movies.  As a result, I don’t play through games as fast as most people, nor do I always catch shows or films when they are first aired or released.  Since I spend a lot of my time on the ...

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Mean Geeks: Bullying Between Nerds


(photo credit) “It’s not about you, it’s about them. They’re hiding their own insecurities by making you feel bad about yourself.”  Anyone who’s been bullied has heard something like this, usually in an attempt to cheer you up or make your feel better. It’s practically become an adage that often pops up when people talk about bullying. There’s even a video ...

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You Can’t Read That: Book Shaming and Nerd Culture


(photo credit) What was the last book that you couldn’t put down? Personally, I’m making my way through The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, and I haven’t been able to put them down. The books are fun re-imaginings of fairy tales amidst political intrigue, plague, and the threat of war. They’re also very much Young Adult (or YA) fiction. If ...

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A Pledge for…


I have a group of 4 geek girls that have been my best friends for years. We’ve always embraced our weirdness together, never feeling the urge to hold back when it came to just how geeky we could get as a group. We’ve embraced geek-centric groups together, such as becoming Nerdfighters or becoming Iggles (members of the International Geek Girls ...

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Happy Things (vol. 2)


Hello and welcome to your dose of happy on the internet! This is a regular installment designed to give you a mood boost – news, videos, stories, websites, and tools that induce smiles. If you have any suggestions for the next installment of Happy Things, shoot us an email! Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie are in the new Star Wars ...

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What Alanna of Trebond Taught Me about Perseverance


I’ve always been kind of on the lazy side. I think it probably has to do with the fact that I was a really bright child, and picked up things very quickly (if only that had stuck with me as I aged). Unfortunately, I became way too used to this, and often fell into the trap of being way too lazy. If I wasn’t ...

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Taking Charge: What Star Trek Taught Me About Intelligence


Sometime during my high school years, I learned that some people don’t think that it’s alright for women to be intelligent. They think that the females of the species should naturally be less intelligent than the males and that, if one happens not to be, she is some sort of anomaly worthy of marvel or resentment. In order to be “attractive,” a woman shouldn’t ...

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Sluts Ruin Everything (or: Dissecting an Anonymous Comment on the Internet)


I am lucky that I have not been the victim of much internet or in-person bullying (as an adult, anyway – my childhood was a different story!). In the geek community, and especially when it comes to cosplay, internet comments can be somewhat brutal. For someone who is very vocal about their hobbies like myself, it’s easy to feel vulnerable, ...

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